Earlier Projects

♙ Other projects worked on...

A list of other works...

1. Mail & More Inc. (now known as Direct Impaqt)

There is always something about your very first time. This was mine!
This was a Complete site redesign.
Straight from college, I designed, developed and handed this baby to Mail & More Inc. 3 weeks latter (well...not necessarily a real baby).
I also did SEO and monitoring for this site.

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Mail & More INC Mobile site

A mobile page allows your customers to access what they are looking for easily and conveniently.
Mail & More INC had no mobile site until now.
They are currently enjoying the benefits of having a simple yet effective mobile site.
This was my early works so it might need some improvements by now, like jquery mobile.

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University PCC site

The Local Postal organization affiliated with USPS needed their web site re-organized.
Their web site was designed using Joomla.
I also worked on their early mobile prototype site here

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Capitol City PCC : with mobile site

Another Local Postal organization affiliated with USPS needed their web site re-organized and had some of their html code re-organized.
I suggested creating a mobile web site for them, which is found here

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Scholastic Landing Page project

Scholastic specializes in textbooks, and schools textbook supplies.
This company wanted a landing page that was fully customized to their needs and personalized URLs for their customers.

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E-mail Blast & QR Codes project

Designed a customizable e-mail blast for Scholastic.
This also had QR codes! QR codes simplifies advertisement through mobile phones.
All you need is a camera phone.

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